Tyree St. Louis, OT, Miami (Fla.) #78

6046, 305, 5.47

Notes: From Tampa, FL. Saw action primarily on special teams in 2015. Started final 8 games at right tackle in 2016. Started all 13 games at right tackle in 2017. Will move to left tackle in 2018.

Positives: Steady and proficient run blocker. Does a nice job at the second level. Good feel and awareness. Seals the edge nicely. Establishes a wide blocking base and generally anchors well on pass protection.

Negatives: More dependable than overpowering. A bit stiff and struggles against faster and quicker edge defenders. Needs technique development with his balance and hand placement.

Summary: Generally effective all-around blocker who just needs to hone his technique and consistency.

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