Lamont Gaillard, C, Georgia #53

6025, 305, 5.30

Notes: From Fayetteville, NC. Full name is Lamont Rockarius Gaillard. Last name is pronounced GILL-yard. Originally recruited as a four-star, 330-pound defensive tackle, but was moved to the offensive line. Redshirted in 2014. Played in 2 games in 2015. Started all 13 games at guard in 2016. Started all 15 games at center in 2017.

Positives: Excellent line leader who is very adept at making the calls for the line. Very bright. Really understands the game. Sound technician who really understands leverage, angles and the nuances of the position. Quick with his feet, gets position and turns his hips to seal effectively. Very tenacious. Does a nice job on combination blocks. Gets out to the second level. Strong for size and anchors well on pass protection. Tough and competitive. Plays hard, gets movement and consistently finishes his blocks.

Negatives: Shorter than you’d like. Will struggle a bit with bigger defenders.

Summary: Is not a dominant physical talent, but a joy to watch. Very consistent, reliable and productive.

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