Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama #73

6051, 301, 5.02

Notes: Grew up in Atlanta, GA before moving to Folsom, CA in ninth grade. Starting ORT as freshman in 2016. Moved to OLT in 2017; finished with 22 knockdown blocks, surrendered just 2.5 sacks and eight pressures in 831 offensive snaps while committing just two mental errors and 10 missed assignments (98.6% success rate). Sustained a high ankle sprain and ruptured deltoid in the team’s national championship game against Georgia.

Positives: Natural left tackle with the feet and athleticism for pass protection. Very consistent and dependable. Good feel for the game. Sound fundamentals and technique. Moves his feet well, maintains wide base, strong punch, locks out and anchors. Patient and mirrors and slides well in protection. Bends his knees. Understands angles. Can get movement at the point of attack and sustains his blocks nicely. Stays on his feet and is rarely on the ground, except to finish. Seals consistently. Can pull, trap and block downfield effectively. Dedicated student of the game who is constantly working to improve. Immerses himself in film study. Wants to be great.

Negatives: Isn’t truly massive, powerful or dominant. Still working to develop more pop and explosiveness.

Summary: Solid left tackle prospect who can start from Day One. Excellent fit in a zone-blocking scheme.

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