Austin Seibert, K, Oklahoma #43

5085, 214, 5.14

Notes: Last name is pronounced SIGH-bert. From Belleville, IL. Has been a one-man kicking machine, handling punting, placekicking and kickoffs for Sooners. Converted 18-of-23 (78.3%) FGAs, with a long of 46, 70-of-72 XPAs, and averaged 42.0 on 57 punts, long of 58, 2 TB and 23 In20 in 2015. Converted 11-of-16 (68.8%) FGAs, with a long of 39, 72-of-74 XPAs, and averaged 41.1 on 48 punts, long of 53, 1 TB and 22 In20 in 2016. Converted 17-of-21 (81.0%) FGAs, long of 51, 81-of-81 XPAs, and averaged 42.3 on 43 punts, long of 57, 3 TB and 11 In20, and 84-of-111 kickoffs resulted in touchbacks in 2017.

Positives: Versatile all-around kicker with a lot of experience. Capable of contributing to three key roles on special teams – placements, punts and kickoffs. Good directional skills as a punter.

Negatives: Is not great at anything. Has not shown outstanding range or consistency.

Summary: Intriguing prospect because of his versatility, but needs a strong senior campaign to be drafted.

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